Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Hands Children's Wallpapers

After we put down the deposit for the big new house, this has been the question on my mind: "How am I going to decorate Nola's new room?" Besides furniture, lighting, rug, curtain... wall decoration is quite big these days. Then, thanks to Google, I found this Portuguese wall decor company called Little Hands, creating the most amazing children's wallpaper murals I've seen. The murals feature the interesting daily lives of different animal characters - like piggies, bunnies, pandas, penguins, duckies, mice, flamingos, and mermaids."...the unique and unconventional approach...subtly rebel a little against traditional nursery decoration. It is bound to be adored by babies and children from all over."

About the company:
Little hands are established by Leonor Feijó and Marta Belo.Leonor Feijó, finished her BA in photography in London College of Communication in 2004, she also dedicates her time to illustration.Marta Belo, graduated in arquitecture in Escola Superior Artistica do Porto in 2003. She teaches drawing lessons in a college, the rest the time she dedicates her time also to illustration, mainly to children books.

我找到了这个名叫 LITTLE HANDS的葡萄牙墙壁装饰公司,他们有我所见过的最漂亮的小朋友墙纸壁画。壁画中的形象都是不同的日常动物形象,象小猪啊,兔宝宝啊,熊猫,企鹅,小鸭子,小老鼠,火烈鸟,以及美人鱼。

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