Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pedal Toy Cars for Toddlers

My daughter is really into cars these days, especially red cars. One of the games we play on the road is to spot red cars. "One red car, mommy! Another red car!..." She gets so excited each time a red car passes by. This morning, we actually spotted seven red cars on the way to her preschool.

These toy cars look so cool, shiny and sleek, very well-made. I thought the 1965 Mustang would be perfect for Nola. But the 1932 Pink Ford Roadster looks so cute and girly. What do you guys think?

About the 1932 Pink Ford Roadster:
Officially licensed by Ford Motor Company, the ‘32 Ford Roadsters feature chrome "Ford" hubcaps, detailed '32 grille, working trunk, custom graphics and real hood louvers. These cars are sure to thrill children and collectors alike.

Dimensions - Height (Inches) 21
Dimensions - Length (Inches) 39
Dimensions - Width (Inches) 18
Gross Weight (lbs.) 29

Finish Lead-Free Baked Enamel Paint, Chromed hub caps, headlights and tail lights.
Materials: Solid rubber wheels (8 inch) and pedals (3 positions), Stamped steel construction, clear plastic windshield.

Price: $279.00

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